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Driving Lessons in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Tynemouth, Monkseaton and Earsdon.

Phil Charleton Driving Tuition

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Learner Driver Training, Advanced Driver Training, Pass Plus, Intensive Courses, Refresher Training, Block Booking Discount, Theory Tuition Provided

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Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Cullercoats, Benton, Longbenton, Killingworth, Earsdon

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Phil Charleton LDC

tel: 0191 257 4888
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Phil Charleton Driving Tuition

Block Booking of 10 hours - £280

Learning to drive, using the LD System, can be spread over several weeks and lessons can be booked individually or in a block at a discount. If you book a block of 10 hours you receive the LD driving skills DVDs and workbook when you pay for the block. Lessons are usually just under 2 hours long but can be shorter, depending on where you live. If you pay for lessons individually, the LD driving skills videos and workbook are not included in the lesson price, but can be purchased separately.

Semi-intensive Pass Course £962

The training is spread over two or more weeks to suit you and your instructor’s schedule. This is the most popular and successful form of intensive training. It is designed for people who want to pass the test quickly but at a comfortable pace.

The in-car training provided is 30 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test). When you add the home study, using the LD driving skills videos and workbook, the total duration of this course is around 40 hours. To make the best use of this training you usually need to have some driving experience, the minimum being an ability to use the clutch. If you are a complete beginner, the course would need to be extended to about 34 hours. We can discuss this when you call.

Midway Pass Course £662

For those who have already learned the basic control skills of driving we have the Midway Pass Course.

The in-car training provided is 20 hours on a one pupil to one instructor basis. (This includes 2 hours for attending the driving test). When you add the home study, using the LD driving skills videos and workbook, the total duration of this course is around 28 hours.

Hourly Lessons £30 per hour

Home visits

To help you decide which course would best suit you I provide a free, no obligation, home visit. At this meeting I will be happy to explain to you and any other family members how the LD System works and what each course provides. If this would be of interest please give me a call or leave a message via the 'Contact Me' details submission form and I will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a suitable date and time.

How many hours will it take?

In the UK people usually take somewhere between 30 and 40 hours to learn to drive.

How many lessons you need will depend upon your motivation and aptitude for driving, whether you have had any relevant past experience, and whether or not you can obtain any supplementary practice between lessons with a relative or friend. The above courses are therefore only a guide to what hours you might need based on the circumstances outlined. It is not a guarantee that you will be ready for the test; this will depend on your individual progress.

The best way to learn to drive

The best way to learn to drive is to take regular lessons spread over a few weeks on a semi-intensive basis. Pupils using the ‘‘one-lesson-a-week’’ approach often take many months to learn to drive. While this helps to spread out the cost you do end up paying more in the long run. This is because you often forget what you have learnt from one week to the next. You end up taking two steps forward and one step back. Consequently, you take many more lessons to pass the test. If you are taking just one -lesson-a-week you would need to increase the hours you need to learn to drive by at least 50%. Therefore if on a semi-intensive basis you need 30 hours to learn to drive it is likely that you would need 45 hours on a one lesson per week basis. This is the real reason why so many driving instructors encourage their pupils to take just one lesson a week and avoid doing intensive or semi-intensive courses. However, the LD System does help to overcome this problem because you can use the LD materials to remind you of what you did during the last lesson while preparing for the next. The materials are also extremely useful if you are able to get any supplementary practice between lessons as they can be used to guide the relative or friend who supervises you. Again this supplementary practice helps to overcome the problem of taking too long and paying more than you need as a consequence of only taking one lesson per week.

LDC instructor Customer Care Charter

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