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Driving Lessons in Whitley Bay, North Shields, Tynemouth, Monkseaton and Earsdon.

Phil Charleton Driving Tuition

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Learner Driver Training, Advanced Driver Training, Pass Plus, Intensive Courses, Refresher Training, Block Booking Discount, Theory Tuition Provided

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Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, North Shields, Cullercoats, Benton, Longbenton, Killingworth, Earsdon

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NE12, NE25, NE26, NE27, NE29, NE30

Phil Charleton LDC

tel: 0191 257 4888
mobile: 07904 510208

Driving Lesson Testimonials

Ryan R, Monkseaton"Phil is a brilliant driving instructor. He was extremely patient and very calm with me, despite me coming very close to knocking off his left side mirror on two occasions! His lessons were really well structured and he was very good at judging and timing my progress from one skill to the next. Because of this I found my confidence grew very quickly.
After the first few lessons I found myself looking forward to the 2 hours of lessons I had with him each day, rather than being filled with nerves like I was at the beginning! A nice guy and a great instructor, I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive."
Ryan R, Monkseaton.

Pierre G, Whitley Bay"Phil is a very good teacher. He explains stuff very well, always being patient, always on time, highly professional, friendly and understanding. He gives people confidence to drive, and make you enjoy it. Taking my lessons with him has been a pleasure. I certainly succeeded on the first go thanks to him. For once, a French man won't complain. Thanks a lot Phil."
Pierre G, Whitley Bay.

Emma B, Seaton Deleval"I was very nervous about learning to drive but Phil was great. He showed me everything properly and went through it all step by step, throughout the whole of the time I was learning. He was extremely patient with me and made my time with him enjoyable! Within a few months I passed my driving test first time with only 4 minors (having had no previous experience of driving at all). Passing my test first time was great as I thought that my nerves were going to end up getting the better of me on the day but Phil managed to calm me down and had the confidence in me to pass! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, he is really patient, friendly, calm and professional, and an all round great man to learn with. Thanks Phil!"
Emma B, Seaton Deleval.

Liam R, Whitley Bay"I was initially really nervous about driving as it was something I always wanted to do but was always a bit afraid to start, however once I started I've never looked back. Phil is extremely friendly and encouraging to have as an instructor, always making you feel comfortable while driving, encouraging you on as you start to learn more experienced elements of driving such as manoeuvres, to which he has the patience of a saint as I wasn't always good at Bay Parking, and his poor car almost took a beating. But he kept encouraging me on and eventually I nailed Bay-Parking every time.
I found myself looking forward to my lessons with Phil, as he would always take the time to push me to better myself, build up my confidence while driving, but also is great to just talk too, as he is a genuinely nice bloke, as I've became good friends with him during my lessons, and since have recommended him to family and friends as I can't think of a better person to learn from. 10/10 no doubts about it"
Liam R, Whitley Bay.

Chris P, Monkseaton"Phil is always extremely professional and showed huge reserves of tolerance, patience and calmness no matter how "challenging" my driving was. Having had a fairly negative experience when learning to drive years ago, he encouraged me to put that all behind me and always seemed confident that I could pass the test first time with him. Amazingly, he was right which I think is more a testament to his skills as a teacher than my natural driving ability.
For me, the combination of two hour lessons, having the same car and instructor every step of the way, and not picking up other learners and have them sitting in the back meant I passed within a reasonably short time. Phil won't make any false guarantees about passing in a week, but he will tell you when you're ready and able to take your test. I'm now planning to take Pass Plus lessons with him."
Chris P, Monkseaton.

Ben H, Shiremoor"I would very much recommend the semi-intensive 30 hour course. It helped me keep the driving up as I booked the 30 hours over one month which got me through my test in a decent time."
Ben H, Shiremoor.

Joanne R, Burradon"Phil Charleton is an excellent driving instructor and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.
He was always calm and professional and provided encouragement which helped to build my confidence. He believed in me even when I had doubts about my abilities. He was right of course as I passed my test first time. Although I do have to take some of the credit myself, I could not have done it without Phil's help, guidance and endless patience. Thank you!"
Joanne R., Burradon.

Emily S, Whitley Bay"Phil is friendly to be in the car with, which puts you at your ease and he manages to remain calm no matter how many times you attempt to write off his car. He gives clear and precise instructions and considers the needs of each individual pupil. After I passed my test I went on to do Pass Plus with him which I really enjoyed and it improved my driving and confidence enormously. I recommend Phil as a driving instructor who is not only trying to teach you to pass your test (he got me through at my first attempt), but will make sure you establish safe driving practices for life."
Emily S, Whitley Bay.

"I would thoroughly recommend Phil Charlton from LDC to anyone wanting to learn to drive. His calm and friendly approach allowed me to become a competent and confident driver. Thanks to Phil I was able to pass my test first time with only two minors, great instructor and an all round top bloke."
Chris G, West Allotment.

"Phil was an incredibly patient and helpful instructor. I am an experienced driver from abroad and so he tailored the lessons to meet my personal needs and to match my progress. His thoroughness and constructive feedback gave me great confidence in my ability to learn the fundamentals of UK driving, a challenge for an expat used to driving on the opposite side of the road! I definitely would recommend Phil and already have to all of those I meet who are looking for a quality driving instructor, whether experienced or a new to the road driver."
Kathryn W., Tynemouth.

"Excellent driving instructor, very patient, and great tuition, I could not fault the tuition that I got from you and because of you I passed my test 3rd time instead of later."
Mark L., Monkseaton.

"Phil had followed the LD tuition system which I found to be very methodical and effective, he covered all topics from this workbook including the emergency stop procedure and the mechanical checks which none of my previous instructors had mentioned until then in my lessons.
Phil had been calm ALL of the times and that gave me more self confidence and I was feeling comfortable since he never made me feel negative. Additionally he was able to answer straight away my question of how many more lessons we needed in order to pass my test something which NONE of my previous instructors was able to inform me making me feel that we are heading somewhere.
Phil Charleton saved me money, time and prepare me to the highest standards for my test, I definitely recommend him."
Fotis K., Heaton.

"I started an intensive course with Phil Charlton in May 2008. Previous to this I had taken 5 tests with 3 different driving instructors over the period of 14 years! I found Phil to be professional, organised and helpful. Each manouevre was explained carefully and patiently. I passed my test on the 20th June and I have recommended Phil to friends and family."
Heather S., North Shields.

"Well mannered, calm, patient and effective tutor, helped me pass my theory and practical first time."
Tom L., Tynemouth.

"Phil Charleton gave helped me acquire the driving skills to pass first time, with confidence. I am now an assured, keen driver thanks to his teaching. Phil has a method of teaching that constitutes to fast learning, he gives key information of theory before progressing to undertake these procedures on the road. His teaching of manoeuvres is brilliant, offering a range of easy steps to allow the manoeuvre to be completed to perfection. Phil is a strong teacher in all areas of driving."
Luke R., Whitley Bay.

"Phil made sure I had a firm grasp of each of the skills needed before progressing on to more difficult ones, meaning that by the end of the course not only had I learned how to pass the test but how to drive. He's friendly and patient, and actually cares about educating you to being a good driver. I would recommend him to anyone."
Nick R., North Shields.

"Phil is a calm, professional instructor who allows you to learn and progress at your own pace with the aid of the LD System. He offers encouragement as well as constructive advice which helps build confidence. I would recommend Phil to anyone wanting to learn to drive."
Jason S., Whitley Bay.