How I Teach

How I Teach

How the LD System works

The LD System is designed to help make the process of learning to drive as easy and as efficient as possible whether you are taking driving lessons professionally or with a family member or friend. Below is an outline of how the system works.

learn drive system

For each lesson in the course programme you:

  • Acquire knowledge – Watch the lesson on the LDC driving skills DVD (or Blu-ray disc), study the highly illustrated lesson notes in the LDC driving skills workbook and read the Highway Code sections identified. This will show you everything you need to know and do in the practical driving lesson.
  • Gain understanding – Test and further develop your understanding using the workbook lesson quiz.
  • Plan a lesson – If you are not taking professional tuition you can also use the workbook lesson aims, objectives and learning activities to help you plan the practical driving lesson with your family member or friend.
  • Develop skill – Undertake the planned driving lesson following a student centred approach to learning using small easy steps.
  • Fuel motivation – Update the workbook lesson targets showing whether they have been achieved or not. Finally update the master progress record and revisit any targets not achieved in the lesson.
  • Raise self awareness and form safe driving attitudes – Safe driving is not just about driving ability it is also about self awareness and attitude. Self awareness in terms of recognising what might impair your ability to drive safely and attitude in terms of your willingness to act upon it. During each lesson opportunities will arise to explore your views, opinions and attitudes towards risky driving behaviour.

You can also use the workbook to keep a record of your driving lesson appointments and payments. The DVD also contains a full mock test with details of how it would be marked in the workbook. See exactly what the examiner is looking for and the most common errors committed on test. These resources are bang up to date and incorporate the latest aspects of independent driving and eco-safe driving.

LDC Instructor Customer Care Charter

Please note that I hugely appreciate and value your custom. As an LDC instructor I am bound by a stringent code of conduct. My continued membership of the LDC instructor franchise is dependent upon my compliance with this code.
For full details of my Customer Care Charter, please read the Terms and Conditions.

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